david alfonso
Debugging PHP in a Docker container

How to debug PHP code running in a Docker container using xdebug and VS Code.

Default resource values in the Python CDK

Finding CDK default values using two different methods.

Forking Watson: License

The process and rationale behind updating a compatible license (MIT/Expat) to the GNU GPL.

POSIX Shell Scripting

Resources for developing POSIX-compliant scripts.

Forking Watson: Motivations

About forking and the reasoning behind my decision to fork the Watson project.

Khal: Codebase review

Code review of Khal, a CLI and terminal calendar program, able to synchronize with CalDAV servers.

PHP 7.2 Docker image analysis

A deep review of the Docker official image for PHP 7.2 with Apache 2.4.

FOSS zombies

My understanding of a FOSS zombie project and what to do about it.

Watson: Codebase review

Code review of Watson, a CLI time tracker built with Python.

Migrating from TiddlyWiki to Markdown

Using TiddlyWiki5 (nodejs) and pandoc to transform old TiddlyWiki's tiddlers to markdown files.