Code reviews

We all make mistakes. It is OK to make them. Code reviews are an opportunity to learn from others while detecting those errors.

Mistakes can exist in the form of bugs (where your code doesn't do what it is supposed to), style (where you might be using the wrong coding style) or design (not using the correct design pattern or may be you just took a wrong approach to the problem).

Design mistakes could be addressd before coding, when there is a small cost of change, using design reviews. This will lead to a better understanding of the solution by the team, and most probably, to a better design.

Let's return to code reviews:

Seize the opportunity of a code review to learn and discuss, but don't take it personally!

There are many different formats for code reviews, these are some of them:

Tips for code reviews:

  1. Obtain a list of the files you've changed.
  2. Get a diff for each changed file.
  3. Review your changes yourself (!). Most likely, you'll find some mistakes in this step.